Explore Hawaii’s Wonders with Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours!

September 26, 2023
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Hawaii From The Sky? Count Us In!

Imagine soaring above paradise, surrounded by serene blues, vibrant greens, and volcano-gifted landscapes. Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours makes that dream a reality! They give you an intimate sneak peek into Hawaii’s ethereal beauty from a unique angle – the sky! Plus, on Mauna Loa Helicopters every seat is a VIP seat!

By the way, you can choose if you want the doors on or off (can you feel the wind already?). 

Fancy a whirl? Dive into the range of adventures they’ve got lined up for you!

Hawaii Island: A Kaleidoscope of Nature!

The Big Island isn’t just BIG by name – it’s colossal in experiences too! Think about a place that’s squeezed 11 out of the 13 global climate zones. Yep, all on one island. Active volcanoes? Check. Black sand beaches? Yep. Tropical jungles rich with wild flora and fauna? Absolutely! Cascading waterfalls? More than you can count.

The Private Magical Waterfalls Tour: For the Nature Lovers

If you or your camera crave the sheer elegance of Hawaiian waterfalls, then the Private Magical Waterfalls Tour is your gig. Glide through the Big Island’s valleys and let your lens capture nature’s drama unfolding below.

Discovering Kohala’s Secrets

And while you’re up there, Kohala’s windward valleys greet you with open arms. The waterfalls, oh man, they’re like the skyscrapers of nature – towering over 1500 feet! And as you journey through valleys like Honopue, Honokea, and the iconic Pololu Valley, you can’t help but be in awe of Kohala – the granddaddy of all volcanoes on the Big Island.

What’s the Buzz on the Waterfall Tour?

  • Get face-to-face with Hawaii’s towering waterfalls.
  • Swoop into valleys revealing hidden paradises.
  • Say hello to the impressive Kohala Mountain.
  • And end with a serene coastline cruise.

The Private Big Island Experience: For the Adventure Junkies

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If your adrenaline’s calling out, the Private Big Island Experience is what you need. Picture this: Kilauea’s fiery landscapes, Hilo’s rain-drenched beauty, the Hamakua Coast’s untamed wilderness, and waterfalls that would make even the most seasoned travelers gasp.

Dare to Explore Kilauea?

Starting at Kona International Airport, brace yourself for an eruption of experiences. From Kilauea’s ever-flowing lava to its East Rift Zone and Pu’u O’o Vent – it’s nature’s theater in high definition.

Highlights That’ll Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

  • Kilauea’s fierce yet mesmerizing dance of fire and earth.
  • Hilo’s rain-soaked wonders.
  • A tour through nature’s canvas on the Hamakua Coast.
  • The deep valleys of the Kohala Mountains.
  • And that glorious sunset on the Gold Coast.

The Private Kona Coast Experience: For those Short on Time

In just 30 minutes, the Private Kona Coast Experience gives you the best of Kona – from historic landmarks to a possible whale sighting (season permitting)!

History Buffs, This One’s For You!

Zoom past Captain Cook, and travel back to 1779 when Captain James Cook’s story intertwined with this beautiful town.

The Mauna Loa Promise:

Ready for a sky-high Hawaiian rollercoaster? Dive into the magical world of Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours. Let the memories begin!

  • Personal tours with a killer view, always.
  • Fly like you want – with or without doors!
  • Engaging stories and insights throughout.

Just a Few Ground Rules (or Sky Rules?)

  • Let’s keep it light: weight checks at check-in!
  • Got to cancel? Give them a 24-hour heads-up.
  • Safety over everything – weather or other factors might change plans, but it’s all for the best.

Can’t Stick to One Island? No Problem!

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If you’re like us and have a hard time deciding on just one place, well, Mauna Loa’s got helicopter rides across Kauai and Oahu too. Every island offers its own magical tale. So why not listen to all of them?