Family Friendly Restaurants in Hawaii

January 9, 2023
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Traveling is stressful enough without having to worry about finding the right place to feed everyone. We’ve compiled a list of restaurants that are easy go-tos for kids and adults alike (some even have a drink menu, just in case you need one).

Magic Pineapple

We hate to encourage a sugar rush but you know what happens after the rush right? That inevitable energy crash and hopefully a rejuvenating nap, also this place is just so visually and deliciously appealing it brings out our inner child, so we feel compelled to share. With a huge menu of delectable and colorful ice cream combo options, it will be impossible not to get excited here.

Kona Brew

Okay, so this is technically a brewery and maybe brewery doesn’t scream “kid friendly” to you, but trust us, this place is great for a family. They boast a huge menu with something for everyone: salads, sandwiches, and in particular, pizzas. They even have a lunch special where you can grab a cheap single slice for any small-stomachs you’re traveling. We suggest this spot for lunch over dinner, as a brewery it can get busy with long waits, and although we’ve never seen it rowdy, the beer certainly flows easily here in the evenings.

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Willie’s Chicken

Can’t go wrong with chicken. This spot calls itself Nashville Hot Chicken, but they have a range of heats available from southern friend (no heat and kid friendly) to Lava (a LOT of heat and noone-freindly). They offer sides like tots, mac and cheese, and pretty much any shape of fry you can imagine, plus tons of outdoor picnic style seating, which makes this centrally located spot an easy and quick stop.


A cute coffee shop south of Kona, we suggest this spot because of the space (there’s lots of room inside and outside) plus the hippy-vibes mean there is a ton of cool stuff to check out including local art and crafts for sale. Besides coffee, their menu is mostly sandwiches (for all kinds of diets including vegan and gluten free) and a wide range of pastries. Since it’s not directly in Kona, there’s less traffic here, although there can sometimes be lines for lunch.

Poi Dog

Who doesn’t love a straightforward sandwich? Hopefully your answer is the same as ours, “nobody”. We just really like this spot. They have a fun selection of great sandwiches, wraps, and salads and all come with a side of popcorn. The decor and ambiance of this small shop is fun too. Plus they have a great selection of bottles beer.

Hawaiian Style

Make this your breakfast stop if you’re in Waimea one morning (Waimea is gorgeous regardless, so it’s worth the trip up there). This place is quintessential family breakfast but with some extra pizazz. With pancakes as big as your head and local inspired menu items (try one of their Loco Mocos), you’ll be able to fill up the whole family without breaking the bank (you will definitely be able to share dishes, unless you want to take home left overs). It’s a popular spot with locals too, so you know it’s great food for good prices.